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Eat the Rainbow

One of the 7 elements of Engineered Wellness is ‘Eat The Rainbow.’ Rainbows always give me this sense of awe and peace. Just the mere glimpse makes me want to stop and reflect. Well, now think of your plate or bowl with all these beautiful colors. It awakens your senses and balances nutrients; one might say it’s the first step for a healthy meal. These varying colors give you a wide range of nutrients which in turn support every aspect of your whole body nourishment. Dark greens, bright yellows and reds, subtle blues and purples, and the cold nourishing whites - each color represents a different mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.

Example rainbow foods are provided in the ‘rainbow wheel.’

Some meal examples:

Roasted fruits & veggies served with beans and grains with an herb dressing (cilantro blended with avocado, lime juice, and garlic)

  • Red: tomato, turnip

  • Yellow: yam, quinoa, garlic

  • White: onion, cauliflower, lime juice

  • Dark blue/purple: black beans

  • Green: Broccoli, avocado, cilantro

Lunch bowl

  • Red: red peppers

  • Yellow: carrots (fermented), quinoa,

  • White: rice, brazil nuts, cucumber, lemon juice and olive oil (used to rub the kale), cabbage (fermented)

  • Dark blue/purple: blueberries

  • Green: parsley, kale, green peppers


  • Red: strawberry, rose petal, watermelon

  • Yellow: pineapple

  • White: apple

  • Dark blue/purple: blueberries

  • Green: mint

Give it a try and enjoy your next meal.

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