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  • Having more energy & vitality

  • Eating your Personal Power foods

  • Ditching diets & supplements

Let's connect one-on-one to get started


Offered at  $1677 or monthly payments

One-on-one support to make a lasting change to your vitality

Breakthrough to vitality with the Engineered Wellness one-on-one signature system where we focus on your desires, develop your vitality, and keep you focused.



  • Discover the Desire & Light the Fire!

Initial consultation (90 minutes).

We will discuss your primary reason for our visit and your desires for the quarter. In addition, we will discuss your medical history including a head-to-toe survey and treatment history, reflect and refine your quarter’s desires, assess your tongue and pulse, conduct a 24-hour food recall, provide initial recommendations, and select a date for our implementation visit.

  • Tailoring Your Desire to Maximize Vitality 

Implementation discussion (90 minutes).

Within two weeks, we will meet again focusing on detailed recommendations, discuss your goal progress, and reflect and refine the next steps. As part of this discussion, we will discuss some recipes and menu planning tools

  • I Got Your Back to Stay on Track

Four additional follow-up sessions (15 minutes).

Let’s schedule our virtual sessions about two weeks apart. This will give us the opportunity to touch base, discuss questions, identify where you are grateful and where you might have  concerns, make necessary updates, and discuss your forward progress. We can use this time however we want - work through challenges, introduce new foods, review new recipes, discuss recipe modifications, even follow-up on cooking techniques and tools.


PLUS you get 7 bonus items throughout the quarter

  • Menu planning tool

  • Pantry review

  • Self-care group class

  • Shopping event

  • Three mystery bonuses.


Get started now with the Engineered Wellness One-on-One signature system and book your Initial Consultation upon purchase. We will schedule the Implementation Discussion and Follow-ups during our Initial Consultation. You may also schedule a complimentary call should you want to touch base prior to booking the 3-month program. I’m here to support you in the best way possible.



Offered at  $175

One-on-one support to tackle a specific question or concern

Learn how to be wholistically nourished every day!

Do you have questions about how to nourish yourself?

  Have you just been diagnosed with a food intolerance or sensitivity? 

    Are you feeling exhausted, anxious, or bloated? 

      Are you wanting to change what or how you eat? 


Let's connect!


  I inspire and teach people to be wholistically nourished every day.


My goal is to support you wherever you are today. Let me support your journey. As part of our time together, you will receive
-  Menu to guide you 
-  Recipes to support future meals
-  Eastern Energetic exercises, such as self-massage, acupressure, Qi gong, to support your journey.

Looking forward to our connection.

Have a fabulous and blessed day.



  • Having more energy & vitality

  • Eating your Personal Power foods

  • Ditching diets & supplements

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your credentials?
    I am certified in Wholistic Nutrition from The Wellspring School for the Healing Arts; I am not a registered dietician. I don’t practice medical nutrition; I don’t diagnose or treat diseases. As a Wholistic Nutrition Consultant, I advise individuals, families, and groups on how to improve diet, lifestyle, and attitude to promote health. At your discretion, I can work with your health care provider to support your overall health and wellbeing. Your plan will be individualized for you.
  • Why do you use the word ‘Wholistic?'
    Wholism is the belief that the whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a Wholistic practice - mindbody unity. By using a whole body evaluation process (such as looking, listening, questioning, touching) you can detect patterns that assist in determining a path forward that best support and balances your body today.
  • Do you work with children?
    I typically work with adults, but also love teaching younger individuals (at all age levels) how to cook and food considerations.
  • Will you cook for me?
    I am available for group cooking classes and individual/family meal preparations.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    I don’t accept insurance at this time. You might want to check with your health saving account (HSA) benefits to see if nutritional consulting would qualify.
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