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Good Proteins

What’s the fuss about proteins always coming from animals; it’s not true. You can get a complete protein from plants without a lot of effort. Here are five examples of ~ 5 grams of a complete protein (meaning it includes all of the essential amino acids) – pretty simple huh! And, actually, you could combine these examples and have a tasty meal containing about 25 g of protein ( beans, yams, quinoa, and spinach with the tortilla with some added salsa alongside a beet salad with roasted almonds topped with a bit a balsamic vinegar as dressing).

  • Beets, about 1 cup of each cooked greens and root

  • Quinoa & Yams, about ½ cup each

  • Almonds, about 20

  • Black Beans (1/4 cup) with corn tortilla

  • Spinach or Collards, 1 cup cooked

If you do choose to each animal based proteins, it’s best to ensure it is raised sustainably. All those nasty chemicals and hormones they give the feedlot animals have a good chance of ending up in the fat; and what’s a steak without the fat!

Proteins are essential to our nutrition, second only to water. Protein makes up about 20% of our body weight, noting that water makes up about 60%. Protein is a combination of 22 amino acids, 8 of these are essential. Nearly all our body functions and growth depend on protein. So, it is important that each of us are nourished by good quality proteins daily.

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