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If you define a focus or intention for each year, then this is for you! Tell me about your intention for 2023 ~

     What is it?

     How does it make you feel?

     Why did you choose it? 

     What happens when you dwell on it?


With this information, I will create for a you a personalized aromatic blend to represent this intention. Aroma is powerful. Use your aromatic blend to center yourself back to this intention and focus. Recommend a quick swipe on your wrist, behind your ears, and the back of your neck. 


If you don't define a yearly intention, then I challenge you to do so. Do it this year and let me know how it makes a difference. 


  • One - 10ml roller bottle of individually blended essential oils with a carrier oil

  • Card with the essential oils includedin the blend, with room to write the affirmations associated with your 2023 Theme word

  • Shipping to the continental US only

Intentional Aromatics

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